IMG_2235City of Gloss Angeles hopes to give an inside look at the spirit and freedom of L.A.’s real beauty. We may love our gloss, but we have much more to offer than just beach and blonde. From Hollywood red carpet influence, to working lavender farms up north and grassroots giveback organizations downtown, Los Angeles knows many faces of beauty.

After years of covering the Beauty & Spa industry, my personal fascination for products and treatments found on the west coast still hasn’t faltered. The giant palette of formulas and hues feels like an ever-expanding playground that I never grow tired of visiting. An escape perhaps – but worse vices exist. I’m interested in all of it – celebrated brands, new brands, cult faves, natural makeup, skin care for 30+, anti-aging anything, local specialists, destination & day spas, boot camp facials, new tools, and so on.

Neither I nor any contributors will ever write about anything that hasn’t been experienced first-hand. And even though my mother wasn’t one to push the whole “If you don’t have anything nice to say…” ideology, I promise to do my best at expressing tactful honesty without malice.

Unless I seriously can’t help myself.

I’ll try.

xx Courtney Kretchman (aka GlossAngelesGirl)

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