Special Stylist Shoutout

We live in a service city, it’s true. Angelenos are used to having specialists for everything from fashion to fireplaces on speed dial. Is speed dial still a thing? If you’re willing to shell out a few bucks, there isn’t much you can’t book an appointment for, or get delivered in LA. And we’re known for customer service. Especially when it comes to beauty. As a … Continue reading Special Stylist Shoutout

Beauty On-the-Go in Los Angeles

I’ve recently been introduced to a few places in LA that I’m excited to share with you. Whether by design or not, they all cater to customers on-the-go. Meaning it’s not a whole day thing just to get your roots done. Because sometimes you want a day of lux pampering… and sometimes you just want to get in and out.   Get radiant skin at … Continue reading Beauty On-the-Go in Los Angeles

Umberto: A Hair Institution

Hair salons go in and out all the time in Beverly Hills. But along the way, a few of them stick and become the holy grail of hairstyling. Umberto is one such salon, and the man behind it has become an icon in his industry. I went in yesterday for a simple blogger blowout. Speaking freely, I always appreciate the little perks of being a … Continue reading Umberto: A Hair Institution

Under-the-radar salons: Great without Glitz

Not all hair salons in Los Angeles are stops on the TMZ tour. Our salons run the gamut of champagne-offered blowouts to we-cut-you-blow-&-go shops. Typically I prefer shops that fall somewhere in between. Not too much frill, but enough individual attention where it doesn’t feel like I’m part of an assembly line. And if I’m being honest, I guess I do like to be offered … Continue reading Under-the-radar salons: Great without Glitz