Father’s Day Grooming Gifts

There are more options than ever to find good skincare for men. In Los Angeles, we even have grooming bars and salons sprinkled throughout the city. As Dad’s Day is coming up this weekend, these are some of the coolest brands for protecting and preserving male complexions. Kiehl’s has always offered skincare for men, but they’ve recently evolved the line to include 6 new Grooming … Continue reading Father’s Day Grooming Gifts

Products that (Really!) Work

There are beauty products that I love and others that I’m merely attracted to, whether it be for packaging, how good it looked on someone else, or its actual efficacy. Sometimes it’s a combo deal. And sometimes I will myself into using a product simply because of the money I spent on it. You get it. All that said, when a product actually works and … Continue reading Products that (Really!) Work

New RITUALS for Mom | No. 9

With so many tantalizing fragrances, ingredients and salves at our fingertips, the selection of body products on the market is endless. And I for one can never get enough. No matter how many I’ve tried or how few I actually keep as staples, I always get excited to try a new formula. One brand I’ve only just learned about and am really enjoying is RITUALS … Continue reading New RITUALS for Mom | No. 9

Gifts They Wouldn’t Buy Themselves

I LOVE giving gifts around the holidays. Always have. One of the things I love most is getting people things that they wouldn’t necessarily get themselves. Things I think they’d enjoy, but probably not think to buy for themselves out of “need.” Here are a few from this year’s list. For the woman who’s always running around LA, the list of options is long! That … Continue reading Gifts They Wouldn’t Buy Themselves