Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

I wouldn’t presume to know what gift you should get your Valentine this year. Aside from some really good generic suggestions anyway. But if you’re shopping for your friends or sisters …or basically anyone you aren’t sleeping with…I’ve got some not-s0-ordinary gift suggestions sure to make them smile.   ONE FOR ME, ONE FOR YOU Clarins’ Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm creates a subtle flushed pink on everyone … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Gifts They Wouldn’t Buy Themselves

I LOVE giving gifts around the holidays. Always have. One of the things I love most is getting people things that they wouldn’t necessarily get themselves. Things I think they’d enjoy, but probably not think to buy for themselves out of “need.” Here are a few from this year’s list. For the woman who’s always running around LA, the list of options is long! That … Continue reading Gifts They Wouldn’t Buy Themselves