Note to Lakers Fans.

Dear L.A., There’s a lot I’m willing to defend about our fair city… On any day of the week, I’ll argue that yes we DO have culture here (it’s just more understated)… Plenty of us still eat carbs and have zero interest in having our days documented via VH1… NOT everyone is in the biz or cares about last night’s numbers…  AND WE DO WALK HERE! … Continue reading Note to Lakers Fans.


Los Angeles Lakers Derek Fisher and MVP Kobe Bryant

Like a perfect Hollywood script, the Los Angeles Lakers fought to pull it out in the fourth tonight. Our LAKERS are the NBA Champions once again! And by default, we are champions, too.

We are the fans. We don’t even make contact with the ball and yet somehow we feel we’ve got some influence over the game. Their wins are ours to celebrate; their losses are ours to mourn.  

And to anyone who says Los Angeles’ fans are fair-weather, you clearly were not at tonight’s game. 

(It’s fair to say that L.A. effs up every celebration with idiotic violence & vandalism though. Honestly, what is wrong with us???)

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