Thinning Hair, DO Care?

So August might have been National Hair Loss Month, but I’m covering it this month. #RebelStatus. The subject itself used to be rather taboo, especially for women. Not so much anymore, as it’s been quoted that 46 million women in the U.S. have already experienced thinning hair or balding. AND women who’ve had chemical treatments are 71% more likely to experience hair loss than those … Continue reading Thinning Hair, DO Care?

3 Suggestions for Thinning Hair

I was born with fine hair. I’ve never had a thick ponytail, although it’s always been healthy. Then a few years ago, my hair started falling out. Whether due to stress or a straightening treatment or even genetics, no one’s been able to tell me why.

So I started taking biotin and then pre-natal supplements because I heard they’re good for nails and hair. I can’t claim either one has noticeably helped my fine hair grow in thicker… but I keep taking them because, well I guess they aren’t hurting me. Or maybe I’m just hopeful.

But as the press releases keep rolling in to alert me that August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month, I’m starting to take note of some better options. There really IS a nat’l month or day for everything now!

Short of getting hair extensions for added body (which seems like way too much upkeep), here are 3 interesting options to check out…

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