Do-gooder Giveaway!

LOCCWe’re officially one week into 2013. Usually I’d be missing the holidays by now but with everything that went down last year, I for one am happy to bid 2012 goodbye.

One silver lining last year came from News Anchor Ann Curry though – the 26 Acts of Kindness campaign she inspired after the Newton shootings. A simple idea for anyone to commit 26 acts of kindness in honor of each life lost that morning. A simple idea with the hashtag #26Acts that went viral.

In hopes of carrying those acts on through the New Year and beyond, I’m offering up some motivation!

We all love L’Occitane, right? Right.

Just be one of the first 10 people to comment or Tweet me with an act of kindness you’ve committed in 2013 and you’ll win some sweet limited edition L’Occitane products.

Think Date Bouquet, Mango, Roses, body butter, hand cream and lip balm.

It pays to do good.


13 thoughts on “Do-gooder Giveaway!

  1. I handed some snacks to a guy on the street holding a FOOD sign. When he kicked my snacks into the gutter I didn’t use any of my bowling words in front of my children.

  2. Elaine….My husband is retired and we’re regulars at a few local breakfast places. We always give especially large tips to our favorite waitress at Christmas. We were in one place today and we saw a favorite waitress who we missed during holiday. My husband caught up with her and she asked “What’s this for?” Then she cried.

  3. An act of kindness I did was yesterday. My mom needed to go to our local bank and didn’t have transportation so I volunteered to drive her. A simple act but my mom was grateful!

  4. I was on the way to College this morning when I spotted a homeless man sat at the bus stop. You could tell he was starving, so I gave up my dinner and bus money then walked 30 minutes in the rain!

  5. I stepped outside of Ralphs and an old man was asking for some money. Since I didn’t have any cash on me, I left to get some and went back to hand it to him. Luckily he was still there.

  6. A homeless man was sitting outside the grocery store asking for spare change so he could get a hot meal. I didn’t have cash on me but I went back in the store and bought him some chicken from the deli and gave him a coupon for free tacos he could use in the future.

  7. I volunteered at our local food bank to help organize and go through food and plan on doing it at least once a month!

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