Mom’s Day Gifts | No. 1

Let’s be honest. When it comes to certain holidays, it’s impossible to go overboard. Such is Mother’s Day, coming up on Sunday, May 10th. You can never overbuy for mom. So hit the web, mall and boutiques, and grab all the things she probably wouldn’t buy for herself.

Need some ideas? I’ll be posting random suggestions (mostly Beauty & Spa) over the next two weeks that Mom might enjoy—especially if she’s on the west coast. Don’t expect any restaurants though…I’ll leave those to the pros at Los Angeles Magazine and Our Man on the Ground.

Home fragrances can get a bad wrap because they don’t seem overly thoughtful. So wrong! Bring ’em on! There are so many gorgeous options out there so pick her up a candle or diffuser to complement the spring season.

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Diptyque | Beverly Hills, CA

Larchmont Beauty Center | Los Angeles, CA

Palmetto | Santa Monica, CA


One thought on “Mom’s Day Gifts | No. 1

  1. Amen to this! Diptyque’s doing some fabulous things with young roses these days. And their Geranium is the candle I’ve been waiting for in fragrance forever. Great finds Gloss, as usual!

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