ME! Bath time

Ice-Cream-Collection-by-ME!-BathIf you enjoy a good bath at the end of the day or post-workout, you’re probably familiar with ME! Bath. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you might recognize their cute ice cream scoop-shaped bath bombs. Ahh-dorbs!

Not only are the bombs cute, but they really do spruce up your soak with fizzy fabulousness. Each one is made with six oils, purifying minerals, fragrance and Epsom salts to hydrate and improve skin tone.

The brand also makes a sugar-based Shower Sherbet that I indulge in regularly. Each tub is an experience of cleansing, exfoliation and silky smoothing. My favorite is the Land of Milk n Honey. You don’t even have to moisturize after the shower when you use it.

The ME! Bath Ice Cream Collection makes an aesthetically adorable gift, too. Check out all the collections at And look for some classic Ice Cream Collection flavors at your nearest Target location this spring!

Shower Sherbet


2 thoughts on “ME! Bath time

  1. Really cute packaging. Plus I applaud any company bold enough to blend bath time with ice cream.

  2. They combine charm, whimsy and function! They’re lovely to use as well as look at…….your all around WIN Win! Thumbs way up.

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