Props to Scary Mommy

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It’s not always easy to be a girl. Especially one growing up in Los Angeles. 90210 episodes and films like Clueless (though a personal favorite of mine!) didn’t always paint the most universal picture.

When I was young, I always noticed my friends who maintained strong relationships with their mothers were the ones with the most confidence and strongest senses of self. To this day, I think this is true. It’s so important for girls to have a mentor or touchstone or just a consistent voice spewing positivity into her days.

Once I took a stab at writing what I wanted my nieces to know when they came into the world. It was basically a book of rhythmic babble, but it got my thoughts across at the time.

That said, I’ve recently come across what I consider one of the most modern, bad-assiest (it’s a word.) advice-style articles written. It’s from someone who refers to herself as Scary Mommy, funnily enough.

If you have any young girls in your life, I urge you to give it a read. Props, Scary Mommy!







2 thoughts on “Props to Scary Mommy

  1. I have two little girls who just watched Hillary tell them they could be president next. Great article, really great timing.

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