Active Lifestyle: Fall Finds

It’s finally feeling Fall-ish in LA. Pumpkin lattes are brewing and Holiday Gift Guides are blowing up inboxes. I’ll hold off on gift suggestions for another few weeks but I will share some go-tos I’ve been enjoying during this transitional season.

I’ve always used Secret deodorant. No complaints. But the reported dangers of aluminum have motivated me to switch things up. TBH, unpleasant results of friends trying natural brands have kept me at bay for years.


After listening to an Art of Being Well podcast, I was compelled to try NATIVE deodorant. Coconut & Vanilla to be specific. Results: great! I’ve tried it at the beach, in a heat wave, hiking in Hawaii … and no stink! I even bought my sister a sample size in a scent I thought she’d like. If you’re looking to try a more natural, aluminum-free deodorant, I highly recommend NATIVE. NOTE: This isn’t an anti-perspirant so it doesn’t stop you from sweating if that’s a concern.

Another natural deodorant reco: HiBar. Success with Native got me confident enough to test-drive another natural brand: HiBar Fresh Rain + Cucumber! Results: So far, so good.


I’ve been using the CōTZ primer for years. Love! And now I’ve found another convenient CōTZ formula for face AND body. The Mineral Sun Stick is mess-free and fits in my fanny pack so on-the-trail touchups are simple. The finish is sheer with a touch of luminosity. It doesn’t sweat off and my skin looks healthy without being sparkly. Highly recommend!


As mentioned in prior posts, I’ve been having a helluva time finding a mineral SPF body spray that stays put and doesn’t leave an awful white cast. I used the Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen Spray (Vanilla-Coco) on a trip recently and was pleasantly surprised. Yes there was some white cast and the consistency is somewhere between a foam and a spray, BUT it worked!

My body hadn’t seen sun in at least a year and I did not burn at all. And admittedly, I didn’t apply and reapply as often as I should have running in and out of the ocean. A mineral SPF 50 that doesn’t apply like white paint and keeps your décollette from burning is hard to find. So I recommend trying Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen Spray for that reason alone.


Milani is probably my favorite drugstore beauty brand. Some of their lip products could easily rival department store brands. I just tried their Conceal+Perfect collection and was immediately impressed. The Undereye Brightener feels instantly nourishing and doesn’t cake or sink into lines. I’ve tried it alone and under my regular concealer. The collection is sold à la carte and in a make-your-own trio, which makes a pretty cool customizable gift.


I honestly wasn’t familiar with the Doughnut brand until now. I’m told this collab collection with FP Movement is their US debut. I practically live in Free People & FP Movement so it got my attention. The FP Movement x Doughnut Mission Crossbody is sporty-chic and great for outdoor activities or when you need to be hands-free. It’s adjustable and water-resistant with all kinds of handy compartments – even a padded pocket for your phone. I get asked about this bag often … it’s kind of a conversation starter.

I’ve also been wearing the Dagger fanny pack from the same collection. It’s SO good! It’s made of sustainable fabrics (420D Nylonplus Recycled Ocean Waste Nylon) and has so many pockets that I forget where I put what. The Dagger is like 2 moon-shaped bags cleverly attached in one. It’s cute worn in the OG fanny pack style and as a crossbody over your chest.

NOTE: It might be sold out at Free People but check it out on the Doughnut site.

Happy Fall, ya’ll!

4 thoughts on “Active Lifestyle: Fall Finds

  1. Great guide! And totally with you on the deodorant thing. I’m trying Native too. I think it’s working and I’m hoping someone will gently tell me if it’s not.

  2. Thanks for the reviews. It’s always helpful to get an opinion on new products. I’m going to try the Native deodorant and the Bare Republic sunscreen. And the DOUGHNUT fanny pack is on my holiday list!

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