Nail Polish Staples

A few years back, nails became one of the It accessories in Los Angeles. And the beauty industry went wild. We started seeing manicures adorned in plaid, argyle, 3D, photos, piercings, and more. Brands started launching more sparkles, glitter, and metallic than ever before.   I quickly became obsessed with a rich black polish filled with red sparkles by OPI, called Today I Accomplished Zero. … Continue reading Nail Polish Staples

Nailed It.

This was the year of the nail accessory—picking a polish has never been more fun! Some new shades are so decked out, they’ll get noticed before your jewelry. Gorgeous shades of red, like Chanel Rouge Rubis and Marc Jacobs Desire have me swooning but Essie’s Encrusted Treasures collection is actually a product game-changer. Each of the 6 colors brings a different look of holiday style. … Continue reading Nailed It.