Beauty in times of COVID

For many of us, self-reflection has been an interesting side effect of COVID-19. A long overdue, unexpected side effect on a short list of silver linings via quarantine. Truth, I’ve been sitting on this blog for months. It just felt unimportant. And maybe it is. But I’ve come to believe it is important to do what makes you feel “normal” nowadays. And if you have something to share that even one person could find helpful… well, share it.

For me, self-care came with self-reflection. I upped my weekly exfoliants and put away the eyeliner. I made it maybe two months before I missed the basic fun of makeup. Then the highlighter and mascara came out again. I settled on makeup from the eyes up. Mask friendly.

After hearing women repeatedly mention their new daily regimens, I put the question out there: Has your beauty routine changed during quarantine – and if yes, will you maintain your new regimen(s) once stay-at-home orders are lifted?

I received feedback from thousands of women and took note of recurring themes. Here’s what I learned:


Women are mostly sticking to lip balm. But for those who like wearing lip color under their masks, keeping it mess-free is a daily struggle. MY SOLUTION: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick actually stays put without coming off on your mask. Baci is my favorite! Let it set like 30 seconds before putting your mask on.


Lips get dry under masks. I’ve been using Laneige overnight Lip Sleeping Masks for a long time. Now I’ve learned they’re doubling as a daytime option for those who need extra hydration. BONUS! They’re available in really cute sets right now. Take advantage of their holiday deals at Sephora.


Scrunchies and headbands made a comeback in 2020. This summer, top knots were to sweats what PB is to J. And still popular into Winter for unshowered Zoom meeting styling. We’ll see if they stick around through 2021. Personally, I’ve become reliant on Kitsch Brunch Scrunchies and Free People Super Scrunchies.

Dry Shampoo is still receiving rave reviews. No surprise. Many brands were mentioned but the one that came up most often is actually also my favorite, too. Living Proof Dry Shampoo is a must-try if you run oily at the root or just want to extend a blowout. And BONUS! Grab the special holiday 2-can set now for an awesome price at Sephora or Blue Mercury.


With so many added hours of screen time, the teen skincare market has detonated during COVID. Teens are the latest group to garner skincare brands in their honor. Glossier, Glow Recipe and Youth to the People are a few coveted names. Newcomer Bubble Beauty is a brand to watch, already popular with young influencers.

The new One of One line by teen-geared C’est Moi is great. Their Give ‘Em Face Mask Artist Set is a genius at-home customizable facial kit that makes so much sense for combination complexions. Plus it’s just fun! Highly recommend as a holiday gift for your favorite skincare-conscious teen!

Thanks to months of mask wearing, teens aren’t the only ones prone to acne. Maskne has become a thing and has plagued even the most balanced of complexions. Any hikers or runners reading? The mask-sweat-face ratio by time you get back to your car is all kinds of wrong! First hormone-related boulder-sized chin zits, now Maskne. Can a girl catch a break!?

If your skin is reacting different lately, treat it differently. Make sure you’re thoroughly washing your face twice a day. Even Double Cleanse when you have time. I like the SLMD Salicylic Acid Cleanser. It feels good and smells like a spa. Grab it now with Spot Treatment in their Holiday Clear Set.

Merle Norman Cosmetics also makes a great spot treatment. It’s strong though. Their Acne Defense Spot Treatment dries up blemishes quickly, plus it’s clear and wears well under makeup. Great for overnight zit zapping!

Expressie by Essie


When it became clear that nail salons weren’t reopening so quickly, it was either go bare or grab a bottle. What I’ve known is that 4 coats are necessary. What I’ve learned is that 2 are possible! Enter: Expressie by Essie. Quick-drying and no base/topcoats needed. Made for those of us who lack patience. Truth, it doesn’t last as long as other Essie formulas, but your manicure is also done in half the time.

That option aside, most women said they plan on going back to salons once they’re open.


Since the closing of gyms and studios, virtual workouts have been a godsend. Not for me per se, but I was with them on the Dry Shampoo! More than half of the responses mentioned something about plans to stick with at-home exercise. Here’s what skincare guru Tata Harper said,

“I have incorporated virtual workouts into my routine since the start of quarantine. For me, this is important for my physical and mental strength. It enhances my mood, reduces stress, and gives me a boost in energy throughout the day for a more restful sleep. I will definitely continue the virtual workouts post quarantine so I don’t have “excuses” not to do it!”

Any practices or regimens that have helped maintain your sanity this year? Please share! If there’s ever a year to try something new at home, it’s 2020. That’s surely something we can all agree on.

Be well.


2 thoughts on “Beauty in times of COVID

  1. Great list, great question. And yeah, I agree with you. We need to do the things that make us feel like us, be it putting on a face full of make-up or going full out in a remote hip hop sesh in your backyard. For me it’s connection. I’ve got to feel connected or I feel like I’m slipping away. So thank you for asking! As long as we’re talking, as long as we’re listening, we’re gonna get through the crazy. Or at least keep good company while we try.

  2. Thank you for all of this great beauty info.. as most people, I have minimized my makeup routine for the past 9 months, But I’m ready to add sone color and light to my face. So many wonderful ideas, thank you so much for sharing this during this very uncertain and sometimes ugly time. ❤️

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