National Lipstick Day (really!)

Today is “National Lipstick Day.” At least that’s what the web and PR mavens tell me. So who am I to argue. In honor of said holiday, I’ll share a few fun facts about the beloved product. First off, it’s been said that the beauty industry remains afloat during a recession or when others are in turmoil because a woman can purchase one lipstick and … Continue reading National Lipstick Day (really!)

Know Rodial?

Ever tried Rodial products? They’re pretty cutting-edge and targeted enough to pique my interest–but solid enough that you can rely on their efficacy. The latest Rodial collection is based on a blend of “STEMCELL Super-Food” actives. As the weather changes, my skin tends to need more hydration so I was happy to learn about this new collection–specifically the Rodial STEMCELL Super-Food Facial Oil. It’s packed … Continue reading Know Rodial?