Know Rodial?

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 7.10.27 PMEver tried Rodial products? They’re pretty cutting-edge and targeted enough to pique my interest–but solid enough that you can rely on their efficacy. The latest Rodial collection is based on a blend of “STEMCELL Super-Food” actives.

As the weather changes, my skin tends to need more hydration so I was happy to learn about this new collection–specifically the Rodial STEMCELL Super-Food Facial Oil.

It’s packed with all kinds of omegas and vitamins, plus an oil I’ve only recently been introduced to: Marula Oil. I know some people shy away from putting oil on their faces but I’m a big fan. Really, leave the zit-fears behind and dab on a drop. You’ll love it.

Marula Oil absorbs quickly and acts as a protective layer. It also works wonders for collagen stimulation – also right up my alley. For a more refreshed look, apply it under makeup in the morning.

Pick it up at SpaceNK and Nordstrom stores nationwide + online at spacenk and nordstrom.

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