Non-Invasive Treatments for Summer

Spring showers are history. So Cal can now reclaim her sunny disposition.

Slight editorial exaggeration aside – our tank tops don’t really hibernate until July, like the rest of the country. But the sundresses definitely don’t get their usual mileage!

Either way, Angelenos don’t have the luxury of hiding anything under bulky seasonal clothing. As such, a popular term in beauty treatments lately is “non-invasive.” Translation: minimal to zero downtime.

If we don’t have to sacrifice efficacy, the option of a quick turnaround (well, pretty much in any scenario) is king on the west coast. And it’s of special interest when beauty is concerned.

Tucked away in a wellness lounge on La Cienega called réVélation, Leslie Diaz has been treating celebrities and pro athletes with a breakthrough technology called Percussive massage. Leslie is wonderfully personable, and very conscientious about approaching each treatment with a specific goal.

The non-invasive treatment has proven successful for multiple grievances, such as acute and chronic pain, weight-loss, cellulite-reduction, speeding up post-op recovery time, sleep issues, sciatica, and migraine headaches.

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