The Sunnies Shine in L.A.

For better or worse, we’re pretty well known for our obsession with sunglasses in Los Angeles. Though I personally don’t endorse wearing them indoors or after sunset, I do admit to openly judging others for it. No matter what the seasonal trend, sunglasses are one of our most “timeless” accessories. Basically if it’s a good style for your face and brings out your personality, the … Continue reading The Sunnies Shine in L.A.

55th Annual Grammy Awards Gift Lounge

After years of beauty blogging I’ve come to accept that people don’t really care about the gifts that celebs are given for free. Makes sense to me I s’pose. So I’ve made a conscious effort to only write about beauty-related launches I see at these gift lounges… or the products that I’m plainly just excited about and wanna share with cool readers. The Grammys are … Continue reading 55th Annual Grammy Awards Gift Lounge