55th Annual Grammy Awards Gift Lounge

-2After years of beauty blogging I’ve come to accept that people don’t really care about the gifts that celebs are given for free. Makes sense to me I s’pose.

So I’ve made a conscious effort to only write about beauty-related launches I see at these gift lounges… or the products that I’m plainly just excited about and wanna share with cool readers.

The Grammys are today in Los Angeles, so all weekend there have been celebratory gift lounges and parties for celebrity musicians. I attended the official backstage gift lounge for presenters and performers, produced by Distinctive Assets and presented by MTG. Yes I’m very fancy and important.

 Lots of fun stuff to look at, including some gorgeous Gibson guitars. I was thinking a white one would look particularly good in my house.

My 6-year old niece came with me. Between the two of us we decided our favorite stops were Solstice Sunglasses, the Simone I. Smith Sweet Touch of Hope collection, and the Jäger iOsonic Toothbrushes.

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 6.12.52 PM

SOLSTICE Sunglasses | SOLSTICE Sunglasses carries every pair of hot sunnies a girl could hope for. I’m still swooning over a pair of their white Gucci aviators I covered for Runway’s winter issue.   

Expert Eden Wexler was on-hand to share some trend forecasting for 2013 and discuss her favorite shades for spring. I haven’t been much of a Kate Spade fan for decades but Wexler showed me some classic cat eyes and oversized styles that could top off any outfit.

My niece was very into a pink & red pair from Kate Spade’s collection, and my personal favorite was a pair of brown Marc Jacobs aviators with tiny little modern bows on each side. Super chic sexy! Solsticesunglasses.com

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 6.55.26 PMSimone I. Smith – Sweet Touch of Hope lollipops | Wonderful story here! Entrepreneur, mother, Cancer survivor, and wife of entertainer LL Cool J., Simone I. Smith teamed up with the American Cancer Society to introduce A Sweet Touch of Hope.

In 2004, Smith was diagnosed with stage III Chondorosarcoma and had to undergo invasive surgery. Though today she’s thankfully cancer-free, the surgery cut into her lollipop tattoo and left it looking as if someone took a bite out of it.

The altered lollipop symbol now represents Smith’s survival story and journey to getting well. A Sweet Touch of Hope is a collection of enamel and jeweled lollipop necklaces, where $10 of every purchase goes to the American Cancer Society. Order at simoneismith.com or Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills.

-1Jäger Toothbrush Line | So sleek! Loved these pink and black Jäger iOsonic toothbrushes and whitening gel kits. They claim to be the most powerful ultrasonic brushes on the market, getting up to 40,000 strokes per minute! Thejager.com

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