City of Gloss Angeles is Born!

This blog is hereby born from a genuine love of Los Angeles – the freedom of her style, the spirit of her canyons and the promise of her residing influencers. Living in this City of Angels, we often dine next to the affluent, famous, overexposed and overeager – but we also walk amongst the unsung volunteers, organic farmers, heroic teachers and healers.

The truth is most characters depicted in tabloids and reality shows are usually just that: characters. Whereas the glam of entertainment is a huge part of our city’s culture (yes it exists!), it is only a morsel of who we are.  In fact, though I don’t have any stats to prove it, I’d bet good money that the majority of stereotypical-Hollywood are transplants. 

But I digress (really, I just wrote that?), it’s actually all of the glitter and sand combined that makes this melting pot of a town unlike any other.   

Oh, so what’s the Gloss about?  Well for one, it’s Tinseltown. We do love a good coat of gloss here – lip and otherwise. Two, I had a cool logo all designed in my head around the name (it’s still sitting there); And three, this is a beauty blog at heart, so we’ll be paying homage to the resources that help us feel healthy and beautiful (sometimes it does take a village).


5 thoughts on “City of Gloss Angeles is Born!

  1. How exciting! Looking forward to your insights on whether there is a better yogurt than Cantaloupe and who makes the best pumpkin pancakes.

    Go Lakers!

  2. If anyone knows about beauty and fashion it’s Courtney! Great site, and I’m really looking forward to reading more….

  3. Courtney is the beauty countess for sure…I am so excited to be getting your tips and nods at all the best the City has to offer in the way of all things tres chic.
    Congrats on a great launch!

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