Manicure Affair to Remember

These days, there are a handful of options on the menu at any given nail salon. If you break it down though, there are only two types of manicures we really want – a Quickie so-to-speak or an Escape. More often than not, we just need to get in, get lacquered and get on our way.

Woodland Hills, Calif.

Other times, we just need to get away. Let us sit back, ignore our iPhones and remain physically unable to be any place else – for at least an hour. For these occasions, make an appointment at Feve’s Manicure Affair in the valley.

Adorned with draping fabrics, dim lighting, candlelight and cabanas – it’s almost hard to remember you’re just steps away from the busy boulevard. There’s a bar-style station complete with leather stools for those who like to socialize mid-manicure, as well as separate lounges and cabanas for those who need more solitary pampering (yes please). Feve’s boasts The Manly-Cure specifically for male customers, a mani-pedi for children 12 & under and a unique setting to host private gatherings.

And listen up ladies…

Every week, Feve’s hosts Mommy Sundays and Ladies Night Thursdays. On Sundays, women are invited to book services and bring the little ones along. Children can explore the toy box, listen to a Feve’s storybook reader and be entertained by an on-hand childcare professional while mom gets pampered.

Why waste precious weekend minutes in the nail salon when every Thursday, Feve’s stays open late for ladies night. Go, sit back, have a drink and get polished with the girls. And unlike at yoga, they don’t frown upon chatting with neighbors.

The Milk and Honey is pretty close to mani/pedi heaven, but check out for the complete list of services.


Feve’s Manicure Affair

21728 Ventura Blvd.

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

(818) 999.3383

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