A Classic Day Spa: Burke Williams

With all the new spas and salons sprouting up in L.A., it’s easy to forget about some of the classics.

But when you want to just “check out” for half the day – like put in some good steam room time, get a thorough facial, or just take an uninterrupted shower—there really aren’t many day spas that compare to a Burke Williams escape.

It had been well over a year since I’d been to a Burke Williams so I was looking forward to my facial this weekend. Plus I’d never been to the West Hollywood location. Side note: There’s nothing like wrapping up a killer week with a spa visit.

From the time I arrived, every staff member I spoke to was beyond pleasant – and actually seemed happy to be there. Like Trader Joe’s, but with eucalyptus and oversized white robes. Everything you’d expect from an upscale spa.

As for my facial, I opted for the new Anti-Aging Facial. Of course I did. My esthetician was Carolina. I liked her immediately. She explained every step as she slathered, massaged and steamed. She was 100% focused on my complexion the whole time. Coming from one of those $25 foot massage places on Fairfax where the guy answered his phone twice mid-massage the week before, this felt special.

Carolina even told me that too much time in the steam room can be bad for your face, specifically your capillaries. Who knew?

The Anti-Aging Facial was done with a custom blend of stem cells and illuminating concentrate that would help my face look firmer, brighter and younger. A paraffin dip for your hands and foot massage made it feel like a heavenly head-to-toe experience.

The jury is still out on my facial results. But I do know that washing my face isn’t nearly as fun without all those peels and paraffin. I think I miss Carolina.

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