Brunching Solo at Cecconi’s

I don’t often write about food but I’m making an exception. By 10:00am I’d already been hiking and to Target today. Not bad for a Saturday morning. I’m feeling rather accomplished.

But now that I’ve showered and put away all my crap from Target, I’ve gotta get some work done. Only thing is, I’m starving.

Fine, I hop in the car and am off to kill two birds with one stone.

Shocker, everything is packed. When you’re dining alone with laptop in tow, no one wants to wait.

Light bulb! I’m going to Cecconi’s in West Hollywood. I LOVE it there for brunch and there’s never a wait. Probably because no one knows it’s open this early. It’s not exactly the type of establishment where patrons generally inquire about wi-fi – but if they don’t judge me, I won’t either.

Okay so the hostess (manager?) judged me a little. Whatevs. Once seated, everyone is delightful as per usual. The waitresses actually look more intrigued than disgusted by my pink laptop perched on their Italian table.

My waiter is adorable. Apparently a recent transplant, he’s practicing his english on me. Dry egg whites was a first for him but a fellow waitress explained the concept easily enough. He told me the two phrases he’s been taught, and has since perfected: “So far, so good?” and “You better believe it.” Ha, good stuff.

Coffee’s great. Blueberry Ricotta Hotcakes, to-die-for. So much for the early morning hike. Egg whites, boring as ordered.

I’m very happy dining on the velvet couches inside. From here, I get to work seemingly alone and watch all the pretty people out on the patio. Kudos to Cecconi’s. Consider props given.

Now I guess I’ll start working…


Cecconi’s West Hollywood | 310-432-2000



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