Hollywood Goes Vegas

I swear I’m not a hater. I love a good fashion risk.

But last Imagenight’s Golden Globes gowns were beyond disappointing. What’s with so many  gorgeous girls wearing garb that best resembles what my grandmother used to pack for her Ladies’ Weekends at Caesars Palace?

Who said it was okay for the season’s most fun awards show to go gawdy?

On the flip side –in my opinion- Megan Fox, Katharine McPhee, Allison Williams, Salma Hayek  and Kerry Washington brought good ol’ fabulous Hollywood glam to the red carpet.

Okay, rant over.Image

…but pregnant or not, are peplums really a thing again?

Okay NOW it’s over.



4 thoughts on “Hollywood Goes Vegas

  1. I felt exactly reverse! Selma, Hayak, Jessica Alba., Kate Hudson, Jen Lopez. Jennifer Laurence, Julianne Hough…..just a few that were startling. I never saw Hollywood better represented. I knew your grandmother very well…..believe me , there wasn’t anything in her suitcase that reminded me of anything that was on parade last night. However,, Nana would definitely be very flattered…… of that I’m certain.

    1. I agree that the Jens looked great, including Garner. Salma as well. I was not a fan of Alba. I would have loved to see Kate Hudson’s gown on someone with a little more maturity, like Diane Sawyer or Maria Shriver.

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