Why I Think Hollywood Shouldn’t Wear Black

The Golden Globes kick off Awards Show season in Hollywood this Sunday. They’ve always been my favorite. Round tables with booze and food = way more entertaining than theatre-style seating. But this year stands to be a little different. I have no desire to preach or educate anyone on Hollywood here. If you don’t know about all the misconduct accusations revealed last year, you can start … Continue reading Why I Think Hollywood Shouldn’t Wear Black

6 Best Golden Globes 1-Liners

Yep, I had my Golden Globe Awards fashion favorites last night — Kate Beckinsale, Naomi Watts, Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lawrence (sans the lipstick!).  But my real faves came from the content, rather than the red carpet. Here are 6 favorite 1-liners from the evening’s hosts – Tina Fey and Amy Poehler: “It’s the story of how George Clooney would rather float off into space … Continue reading 6 Best Golden Globes 1-Liners

Hollywood Goes Vegas

I swear I’m not a hater. I love a good fashion risk. But last night’s Golden Globes gowns were beyond disappointing. What’s with so many  gorgeous girls wearing garb that best resembles what my grandmother used to pack for her Ladies’ Weekends at Caesars Palace? Who said it was okay for the season’s most fun awards show to go gawdy? On the flip side –in … Continue reading Hollywood Goes Vegas