The Gift We All Deserve.

BW FacialSo you’ve been working you’re a** off and somehow Christmas is less than 72 hours away. And now you need a can’t-miss holiday gift…

Easy. No one will ever be disappointed with a gift card to Burke Williams spa. The only people who aren’t fans are the ones who’ve never been there.

No matter how stressed you think you aren’t, one trip to BW will teach you that in fact you ARE. But it just isn’t about the massages.

I went in last for an Anti-Aging Facial at the West Hollywood location. Hands (wrapped in paraffin!) down, one of the best facials I’ve ever experienced.

The esthetician evaluates your complexion thoroughly first and then customizes your facial to follow. From illuminating and regenerative concentrates to firm skin, brighten and even out tone, to transformative peptides said to lift and repair damage—this treatment covers everything you need (or that I apparently needed!).

There’s even a scalp and foot massage plus paraffin treatment, so you actually feel pampered head-to-toe.

Wanna show an employee some appreciation – or a teacher? How ‘bout a Shower gift… that you’ll feel better about giving than the bride’s horrible registry choices? Yes, yes and YES. The Burke Williams gift card truly cannot miss.

NOTE: Maybe not the best idea to specify an anti-aging anything on the card. I’m no Miss Manners, but this much I know.


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