GoGreek kids

I know I don’t cover much in the way of dining… let’s just say my food palate isn’t as colorful as my shadow palettes! In any case, frozen yogurt is totally a meal in my book.

Having admitted that, I am obsessed (no, really!) with the latest fro-yo spot to hit Beverly Hills: GoGreek Yogurt.

I won’t go into all the nutritional aspects. You can check out the site for that stuff. But I will say that it’s ah-mazing! Their farm-to-table toppings are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Can you say Chia seeds, cacao chips, flaxseed?!

You can choose from traditional Greek Yogurt or their Greek Frozen Yogurts aka my latest loves. All are flown in directly from Greece.

Each of the 4 (or 5?) flavors is uniquely delectable, but both the Honey and Chocolate are to-die-for. I’ve actually driven far outta my way to pick some up after work – and that speaks volumes in Los Angeles.

Grab some this holiday weekend!

GoGreek Yogurt
452 North Bedford Dr.
Beverly Hills, Ca 90210
Phone: (310) 278-8643

GoGreek Yogurt


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