When Hollywood Gets it Right.

Lupita Nyong’o

No matter how much Angelenos complain about the Oscars (traffic, street closures, cops on every corner), we wouldn’t give it up to any other city. This annual event is the culmination of Awards Show season–and it’s part of our fair city’s culture.

Like lots of people around the world, I love watching the red carpet. At one point (my PR days) I had to be on the red carpet (not near as much fun!) and I dreaded Oscar day… but now I surf from ABC to E! Entertainment, anxious to see who’ll get which celeb first.

I’ll get to my red carpet favorites at the end. But first I want to quickly say how wonderful it is when Hollywood gets it right and all the world is watching and smiling.

Jared Leto‘s performance in Dallas Buyer’s Club was phenomenal. He made the movie. I actually think he would have beat Matthew McConaughey had they been in the same category. But did you hear that speech about his high school-drop out single mom?!? PERRR-FECTION! And don’t even get me started on the fact that he’s 42 (WTF?) – the oldest in the category. G’job, Hollywood!

Most people thought Jared would win, but the Supporting Actress category easily could have gone to Jennifer Lawrence. It didn’t. The Academy got it right again and awarded Lupita Nyong’o with the honor for 12 Years a Slave. If you haven’t heard the speech, Youtube it. She was the epitome of elegance and graciousness. And most of all, she deserved it. Hooray for Hollywood.

Lupita was actually one of my favorite looks for the evening. Her pale blue Prada was magical on her.

I loved the nude tones with hints of shimmer tonight! Personal faves included: Cate Blanchett (Armani), Jessica Biel (Chanel Couture), Charlize Theron (Dior), Angelina Jolie (Elie Saab), and Emma Watson (Vera Wang).

G’night, Los Angeles! xo

2 thoughts on “When Hollywood Gets it Right.

  1. Agreed!!! The only thing more alluring than that blue gown was the speech she spoke wearing it. I need to see more movies.

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