A new oil for your face!

ImageIn general, women are either vehemently for or against using facial oils, for whatever the reason. As mentioned before, I’m a big fan.

I generally stick to Rodial StemCell and Ole Henriksen Pure Truth, but I’ve recently stumbled upon Pure Marula Facial Oil and love it.


What is Pure Marula Facial Oil?
A multifunctional anti-aging premium facial oil to hydrate, protect, and rejuvenate the skin – reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for soft, radiant skin.

Use it on your face and neck. I like it all by itself before I go to bed, but try it as an anti-aging primer for other facial products to boost their efficacy. I don’t recommend using it under any kind of tinted moisturizer – unless your skin is super dry. That said, it’s great to soothe skin post-facial treatments or sunburn.

Pick up at bottle at Sephora!

2 thoughts on “A new oil for your face!

  1. This week-end at Nordstrom/Woodland Hls Mall   Mac Waterproff  was giving free make-overs.   The whole downstairs floor was wall to wall women waiting and dancing along with lead performers dressed in silver lame 30 Style Swimsuits.    It was astonishing!      Bigger turn out than I’ve seen at  National Elections!!     EVeryone was in party mode…then I went into  “Make-up Forever”     “”Bare Essentials”    and finally    “Sephora”.     MY head was spinning   and since every add claimed their product was revolutionary   I ended up buying one eye pencil and nothing more.       If women are so involved updating their make-up I don’t see how they have money to feed their families.     One product looked better than the next…and no question they all must work!

  2. Mall events can be a total clusterf**k. They mean business… and they generate it. But I don’t believe a woman making an effort to feel more beautiful means she’s neglecting her family. I’ve heard it said that when a person feels good about herself, she’s more likely to have a positive effect on those around her. Sounds about right to me.

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