Mom Gift Idea | No. 3

Fragrances come down to chemistry. What smells sweet and sultry on you might smell like mildew on someone else. So it makes it buying them for others kinda risky.

I know this. Obvi. But when you find a fragrance (or even a brand!) that just makes you happy whenever you wear it… well, let’s just say it gets a spot in the gift guide. ; )

Vanille AbricotI’ve been a longtime fan of French perfumer Comptoir Sud Pacifique. I usually go for a subtle vanilla or tropical floral, but recently I tried Vanille Abricot from their Eaux de Voyage Collection – and it quickly became one of my favorites.

It’s a warm blend of jackfruit, apricot and papaya pulp – heightened with a touch of vanilla and sugar candy. Don’t let the description sway you. This isn’t a fruity fragrance. It wears more like a light Parisian cotton candy.

If you’re going to risk buying Mom perfume, I highly recommend considering Vanille Abricot – or one of the many Comptoir Sud Pacifique scents. Order at and join their mailing list to get 20% off!


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