Gifts for Active LA Moms | No. 4

Love TulineThere’s no shortage of ideas for the active on-the-go mom in Los Angeles. But quantity doesn’t always mean quality. Wasn’t it her that taught you that?

I’ve recently become a fan of a beachy knitwear line called Love Tuline, created by Project Runway (Season 1) alum Nora Caliguri. The fabrics aren’t too heavy for spring weather, and mostly feature copy that weaves “LA” into the fun messaging.

My favorite is the navy hoody with thumbholes that says WANT TO SURF LATER? on the back. Even if Mom doesn’t surf today, this might be enough to inspire her to get out there one day. OR if she’s my mom, be so inclined to watch a good surf movie one day.

You can often find me toting my ROVE water bottle. I love the Insulated Travel Flask for my coffee at work. It keeps it hot for 6 hours! But the 22 oz. Tritan Flavor Infuser hydration bottles are insane. I just freeze berries and stick them in the center. Voila, my water is flavored to my personal liking.

ROVEBoth of these combine to make one sweet gift. And I can help get a lucky few of you get started! I’ve got 1 Love Tuline hoody and 2 ROVE water bottles to give away. All you need to do is share this article and tag #CityofGlossAngeles to be considered.

Three winners will be chosen at random and contacted on Wednesday. Ready, go!


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