You Are Beautiful


When’s the last time you looked in the mirror and thought, “I really am beautiful.” Have you ever? Or do you just pick yourself apart, and then leave for work?

What would happen if you changed the conversation in your head and only acknowledged your strengths every morning?

Like I could personally change, “Ugh, damn these f*cking thighs!” into, “Dayummm, I’ve got two healthy legs, strong enough to take me wherever I wanna go!”

With 2016 finally behind us, who’s up for an empowering 2017?

Sorry for the mouthful and absence of pretty products, but today I want to acknowledge how the picture of beauty is evolving in our culture. Finally!











Say what you want about the Kardashians, but they’ve indisputably helped to curve (pun intended!) how Americans view the female physique. By loving and respecting their own bodies, they’ve paved the way for women like Ashley Graham and Sophie Simmons to shine. And slowly, marketers and the fashion industry are catching up.

Entertainment might take a bit longer. But one day we will see a smokin’ hot leading woman who isn’t a size 0, and isn’t the funny sidekick or a trainwreck. No disrespect to the fabulous Ms. Schumer.

I am always engaged by Dove marketing campaigns. They’re about self-acceptance, respect, and fueling the next generation with self-belief. Teaching girls not to compete with one another, but to build each other up is so important. I’m not speaking as someone with a psych degree or anything. This is all just one layman’s opinion. But I can confidently say that no one ever looks better by making someone else look bad.

Ashley Graham

Teaching girls from the get-go to celebrate our physical variations, instead of coveting or judging them is liberating. Let them know they are a one and only.

Let them know they are enough.

Let them know they are beautiful.

Teach them there is no perfection. Big booties, flat booties, freckles, scars, unruly curls, lifeless locks, gangly arms, thunder thighs, skinny ankles, chubby cheeks. We’ve all got something.

And the funny thing is that there’s someone who would kill to trade their something for your something.

If you take nothing else away from this, just know that you too are enough.

More than enough.

You are beautiful.  



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