Hands-Free Living in LA

As much as I love a gorgeous clutch bag, life’s just easier when I go hands-free. From hiking to shopping, I always appreciate having both hands at my disposal.

This winter I’ve been continually grabbing the following items every time I know I’ll need both hands free to swatch, shop, sample, hold my nieces, hike with trekking poles, etc.


Healthy Back Bag

unnamedI tried the crossbody Healthy Back Bag to help relieve the stress on my back when I hike or do the Culver City steps. It’s designed in a teardrop shape that ergonomically molds to your spine. There are pockets everywhere (even one for a tablet!) that organize and distribute weight evenly across my back, too.

I got the Microfiber material and adore its resiliency, but every bag has a special hook for keys… fab for those of us who tend to lose ours amidst the mess of big bags! 



Robert Matthew Dakota Crossbody

screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-4-05-32-pmIf you want to go hands-free day or night, check out the Robert Matthew accessories. I like the Dakota Crossbody bag a lot for non-athletic activities. It’s such a comfortable style!

The animal-friendly pu leather is super durable – and much appreciated by all those friends of PETA. Dakota’s red inner lining and light gold tone hardware add to the bag’s chic style, as well.



Samsung Gear IconX Bluetooth Earbuds

screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-4-02-35-pmAnyone who makes a habit of hitting the trails or treadmill has experienced (probably more than once!) a flying phone after accidentally snagging its attached cord.


Thankfully we’ve evolved past requisite cords, but not all options are comfortable. I found a particular pair of on-ear cordless headphones excruciating after 20 minutes of climbing stairs.


I’m now sticking with the Samsung Gear IconX buds. I was sure they’d fall out of my ears, but they totally stay put – even when you sweat. They’re little cord-free Bluetooth earbuds that can store music and track your workout info… leaving your hands available to carry free weights, jump rope, or rub out burning thighs.



Baby Zala Infinity Shawls   

screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-12-35-27-pmLastly, if you’re a new mama and getting tired of carrying around a Hooter Hider or the like, this one’s for you! Use this roomy, uber-soft cotton Baby Zala Infinity Shawl any way you want. Wear it as a poncho, a shawl, or cardigan-style. Perfect for convenient breast feeding! You can also open it up to use it as a wrap, stroller cover, or baby blanket.

It’s so cozy. Your baby will love it as much as you do. Also makes a wonderful New Mommy gift!



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