Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Looking back at the roller coaster we knew as 2020 and how we’re still finding our footing through 2021, a few things stand out. First, how healthy self-care has proved to be. And second, our resilience as humans.

There are people out there who instinctively know when not to take a friend’s word at face value. They know when someone needs to hear an, I’m here or let’s figure this out together. It’s the stand-in moms, caretakers, dad-moms, neighbors, and others who step up daily without being asked that help make resilience possible.

Why am I mentioning this? Because I think they’d probably be blown away by a Thank You gift on Mother’s Day.

NOW onto the Gift Guide! This year, I’m feeding into the loud call for skincare. Every mom, no matter her age or ethnicity, can use good skincare and SPF. True fact. So here are a few I HIGHLY recommend…


From packaging to formulas to all the feels, these facial oils are so good. If Mom appreciates beautiful, results-driven skincare, indulge her with a bottle of Biography. They only have a handful of formulas right now, but it’s still hard to choose just one. I like these for AM & PM, respectively:

Golden Ray Glow Drops help boost collagen, hydration and radiance. They’re also good at blurring skin imperfections and boosting dewiness.

Petty Grudges Renew Drops help smooth, brighten and rejuvenate damaged skin overnight. It’s formulated with roses to help soften facial lines and improve elasticity.


I actually tried to make a Tik Tok and IG Reel with a few DefenAge products. It did not go well. But you’d know that if you follow me. DefenAge was created 6 years ago by a team of regenerative medicine experts.

If Mom prefers natural products and a good age-fighter, this is her brand. It’s the ultimate in clean beauty. Just ask your dermatologist or esthetician about it.

If you order à la carte, check out the 6-Week Perfection Neck Cream. I’m only on Week 2 but have high hopes! Also look up the 8-in-1-Bioserum — It acts like a serum-retinol replacement and is so potent, you’re supposed to apply it after moisturizer.


It seems like Biossance is getting praised everywhere lately. Even before Reese Witherspoon was announced as their spokesperson. But for good reason. This evolved vegan skincare line is built around the benefits of Squalane Oil. Products are targeted and actually effective.

I appreciate all the Starter Kit options they offer. Pre-packaged complementary formulas take the guesswork out of skincare shopping–especially gifting!


If Mom’s been talking about fillers, lifts or lasers lately, take the reins and book her a consultation with Sherly Soleiman, M.D. in Sherman Oaks.

WHAT SETS DR. SOLEIMAN APART? 1. She’s refreshingly transparent and doesn’t subscribe to the look of frozen faces. 2. She’s all about the practice, and less about the press. 3. She uses her expertise to educate other Southern California physicians about the most cutting-edge approaches to cosmetic injectables.

Cosmetic Injectables Center PH: 818.322.0122


Lastly, I’m suggesting one color product. I mentioned Blunder Cover in a prior post based on an influencer I generally trust. Since then, I’ve gotten the opportunity to try it for myself. It DOES NOT disappoint. I’ve never been a fan of foundation or concealer. Mostly because I touch my face so much. But also because they often emphasize my wrinkles.

Blunder Cover is like buttery magic on my skin. It doesn’t settle into my lines (Maybe it’s the arnica?) AND I feel instantly photoshopped. F’real!

Whether Mom opts for a full-coverage or spot-concealed look, she will LOVE this product.

Happy Shopping! Let’s keep all those small businesses open.


8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Guide

  1. Great post!!! Love what you said about all the non-mom mom types, they deserve some celebration too! Also face oils. I tried my first one this year and I kind of love it. I don’t know what it’s doing for me per se but the application and the ritual, those are beneficial unto themselves. Good tips all around – keep ’em coming!

  2. That BlunderCover is for me! Giving thanks to those who give as a way of living is a beautiful thought. So many gorgeous products all making a positive addition to shit in lifestyles. Thank You once again… and don’t get too busy to thank your own mom!

  3. Great blog and awesome gift ideas. I think I need that BlunderCover!!! I’m so overwhelmed by so many skincare products out there, this is really helpful. Time to spoil all the people we love.

  4. Today, I went to see Dr. Soleiman,
    I was so impressed and blown away by her candor and honesty. She is a gem in the world of cosmetic dermatology!!! She took the time to hear my concerns and fears and put together a very low pain and affordable plan to improve my appearance and look more youthful. Courtney, I am blessed that I, well… really, you.. found her. Thank you 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    1. LOVE hearing this! So glad you had a good experience with Dr. Soleiman. I’ve had a few people DM saying her office never picked up when they called. I actually wanted to run a feature on her too, but never heard back from her office manager.

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