Pucker Up with Paper

As someone who’s easily drawn to a new gloss or lip formula, these paper lips by Laura Richey quickly caught my eye. During the COVID lockdown, Laura started handcrafting 3D paper sculptures in the shape of artistic lips. A must-have for my office! Soon word got out about Pucker Up Paper Lips and other lip enthusiasts took notice.

If you’re looking to support a small female-founded company, check out Laura’s site. Her pieces come in a variety of sizes and make adorable gifts for anyone looking to zhuzh up their office, vanity area or dorm room.

Read on for a quick Q&A with Laura!

A little about Laura Richey of Pucker Up Paper Lips…

What inspired you to do the lips in paper?  I have always loved fashion, trends and beauty products and being able to adapt it to paper it was a perfect match for me.

How did word get out? [Makeup Artist] Vlada Haggerty saw my post and messaged me. We texted back and forth and decided to do a collaboration together. She added a few of my lips to her website and Instagram page and overnight I had followers … I have since worked with Too Faced, House of Baretti, and Hollywood Baskets … a New York Fashion Week runway show where models wore my artwork, to having my paper lip art feature on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Do you have a favorite design? That is a hard question but I think it’s my first designed lip in brush gold with bees. I have had so many others over the years that I am always drawn back to that design.

Do you do custom requests? I would have to say that 80% of the lips I create are customized to the clients wants and needs. I LOVE custom lips. It really allows me to be creative and try new things.

Do your design proceeds benefit any foundation? My son was diagnosed with [Autism Spectrum Disorder] when he was 3 years old. We have been working with different organizations to help with daily living. We have been waiting for a service dog for several years and the profits go toward his therapy and expenses.

Are you doing the lips full-time or as a passion project that took off in COVID? Lips are my full-time job or at least that is what I am hoping to accomplish. I have been a paper artist for 10 years and every day I am creating with paper. I started making lips during COVID… I needed to be close to [my kids] and work alongside my boys during home schooling… Making paper lips fit perfectly.

What’s the best way to care for them? I recommend not hanging them in direct sunlight and to handle them with care. They are hollow and are made of paper so denting can occur. As for dusting I use a Swiffer. 

What’s the goal for 2022? Can we look forward to a storefront? I want to design more elaborate lips that are like pieces of art. I want to see more of my lips in spas, salons, stores and windows. I would love a storefront. It’s been a dream of mine but I need to work close to my son and be available for him at any time. I want to expand my business to [also include] lip inspired items. Recommendations are always welcome.

I’m always looking for the perfect cool mauve lip. Maybe I’ll opt for paper instead of gloss.