Galentine’s Gifts for your Girls

We’ve got a busy weekend coming up in Los Angeles— Valentine’s Monday, Galentine’s Saturday, Palentine’s (Is that one?)… and some big football game in town.

This quick V-Day post goes out to Mel in OC. And thanks for the question:

“I have plans with my husband Monday but am invited to a Galentine’s potluck on Saturday. I know what I am getting him but am not up on cute gal gifts. Any ideas?”

Okay, here goes! Without knowing the crowd or their ages, I’ve got a few suggestions that could work for a range of beauty styles.

IDEA: Pick up a few mascaras and tie them in a red or pink cellophane bag with some candy at the base. Cute, simple!

With the exception of my sister, most women will always welcome a new mascara. Lately I’ve been wearing Ilia’s Fullest Volumizing Mascara. The color is a really deep and rich black, but the natural formula is weightless on your lashes—It also layers easily without flaking. You can also opt for full or travel-sized, which I appreciate.

Same candy bag idea, but with…


Cheek color is huge for 2022! Most women can always use a compact blush that travels well. Check out all the fun shades of Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush. They pat on easy with fingertips and can build from a sheer wash of subtle color to a happy popping cheek. Speaking of popping, Petal Poppin is my favorite shade – with Cool Berry and Rosé Latte close behind.


I couldn’t get my hands on the Makeup by Mario Moistureglow Plumping Lip Serums fast enough. And I can honestly say they didn’t disappoint! Sadly, they keep selling out on his site and at Sephora. If you can find them, I highly recommend grabbing a few for your friends–and yourself!

But if you find empty shelves, a great alternative is the Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Balm. It’s a hybrid balm, gloss and color treatment in one good-sized vegan tube. They don’t plump as much as Mario’s, but they make up for it with a buffet of antioxidants and vitamin-packed nutrients. The colors will work on all skin tones, so just tie a few up and gift with confidence.


I’m all about a protective tool that helps empower women in our world. So I’m a little excited about the idea of getting Birdie for your Galentine’s group! Birdie is a personal safety alarm that you can throw on a bag or keychain. It won’t injure an assailant, but the blaring alarm and flashing strobe light (when held right) can distract them enough for you to get away.

Great for late nights out, crowded events, or even using public transportation. Save 15% with code VDAY15.


I’m including this idea on the chance that you’re also shopping for yourself. Victoria’s Secret has some fun pieces and separates right now. Plus, I applaud their new, real-women marketing direction. Not everyone likes red lingerie (you know who you are!) but I adore a red bra & cheeky set. Whatever your personal preference, jump on the site and pick out something no one would expect to find under your FREECITY sweats.


You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses in Los Angeles. Make V-Day a ME-Day and treat yourself to a new pair! I was just introduced to Otra. They’ve got a variety of cool, durable, affordable styles. Whatever the current trend, I will always covet a classic oversized frame like Bella—and the Blush color feels on par with Valentine’s festivities. Thank you, Otra!

Hope this helps, Mel. Happy V-Day, ME-Day & Super Bowl weekend to all!