Cyber Monday Beauty Deals

I’ll make this quick. It’s Cyber Monday and there are some good beauty deals to be found! I’m even using Rakuten to get cash back on my purchases. It’s super simple. Just search the Rakuten site for the shop you want and click it to activate your discount. Some stores are offering up to 15% back! Here’s a quick rundown of my favorite beauty deals … Continue reading Cyber Monday Beauty Deals

Sephora Opens at The Grove (!)

Woo hoo, I’m doing sassy high kicks! Sephora is celebrating its Grand Opening at The Grove today. Yes, I actually do get excited for every one of their new stores… as with each Sephora comes a slightly different personalty that still maintains all the comfort of my favorite staple beauty products. And when I see those seven shiny black letters on a storefront outside my … Continue reading Sephora Opens at The Grove (!)

Quick SAG Awards Recap

The Screen Actors Guild Awards were this weekend in Los Angeles. The SAG ceremony was quick and fun. The red carpet… meh.  I’ve gotta be honest (while no one’s paying me not to be!) none of the gowns were jaw-dropping this year. I won’t go off on the choices I truly questioned. I will say however that I dunno whose hair looked worse – Brad … Continue reading Quick SAG Awards Recap

Five Shades of White

As best we can tell in Los Angeles, it’s fall. There’s a little breeze and pumpkin flavoring is popping up in all the coffee shops. Still we’re a beach(ish) town, so we can get away with a bit more seasonal crossover than our east coast relatives. So I say, “let the summer whites carry on!” Unless of course, they’re linen. I’ve got some happy holdovers … Continue reading Five Shades of White