Five Shades of White

Fanny Wang 1000 Series

As best we can tell in Los Angeles, it’s fall.

There’s a little breeze and pumpkin flavoring is popping up in all the coffee shops.

Still we’re a beach(ish) town, so we can get away with a bit more seasonal crossover than our east coast relatives. So I say, “let the summer whites carry on!” Unless of course, they’re linen.

I’ve got some happy holdovers from summer that I plan on rocking as long as I can—or until I lose them.

Fanny Wang Headphones – 1000 Series

Seriously, these bad boys rock. Not only are they totally adorbs, but the 1000 On Ear series is perfect for girl-sized ears. As a writer always trying to block out the world, these are like a little piece of 40mm high-performance heaven.

Gucci Sunglasses – 4225 Mystic White

I may never take these off. They’re feather light and a gorgeous color combo. Not too ghetto gold, not too whiteout white. Plus, they sit comfortably on your face without making those sweaty lines on your cheekbones. You know the ones.

iPhone 5White & Silver

So thin, so light, so speedy. Okay I honestly don’t notice that much difference from the iPhone 4, but the White is just too pretty not to mention.

Hard Candy Bubble Slider case

Plus all the best covers are still made for iPhone 4. Like my favorite white Bubble Slider case by Hard Candy. Beyond cute, plus it’s got a nifty little inner rubber thing that protects the phone really well, should you drop it. Who does that?

Ciate Caviar Manicure

Every time I wear this polish, I feel like I have candy on my nails. In a good way! It’s an opaque white polish with little caviar pearls you can add. It may have been a limited edition, so don’t even know if it’s still around – but check out your local Sephora or Nordstrom

Laura Mercier Metallic Crème Eye ColourPlatinum

I’ve been wearing this light metallic formula forever and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. It’s lovely alone or over an eye primer. The perfect white champagne sheen with a smoky or cat eye liner.

2 thoughts on “Five Shades of White

  1. Such amazing finds! I’m getting the iPhone 5 soon…can’t wait!! And love that bubble cover – so cool. Gotta get that. Need to try out those headphones — we are always looking for stuff like that for our long flights. And the Gucci sunglasses and Laura Mercier makeup??? I can’t decide which item I’m most excited about! Thanks for the great write-up!

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